Location: Underway to Singapore

Greetings from Almost Somewhere,

We’re almost there! There. You know that amazing place we have been trying to get to for the last three days. Nongsa Point! I know, awesome. What, you’ve never heard of it? It’s kind of a big deal. Oh well, if you haven’t heard about it, there is a pool there. (Which, for the shipmates of Argo, is a huge deal.) We are mostly going there to clear out of the country of Indonesia, T-24 hours until we hit our actual destination of Singapore Island.

Today was yet another iteration of ‘BA.’ Which, if you didn’t already know, stands for ‘Boat Appreciation.’ Let me translate that from nautical into English for you: Imagine Annie, just set in the middle of the South China Sea. As much as I complain, Argo is so shiny and clean now that for the first time since Day 1, I can see the floor of the boy’s cabin (the fact that I can walk through the cabin without stepping on Hunter’s This or Max’s That, is just fantastic). Brave, Brave Sir Richard, took on the greatest task of all today. He went in, unarmed, into the egg cabinet and was able to correctly identify the rotten egg that was making the galley smell like Yellowstone National Park (with sulfur eruptions like clockwork just before every meal when the cabinet was opened). Argo’s down below is lovely and clean. Tomorrow once at the dock, we will tackle the deck and the hull, but for our hard work so far, we were rewarded with delicious cookies after our dinner of cashew chicken.

You (the illustrious readers of the Argo Blog – mainly just interested parents, I suspect) found out last night what happens when Argo goes Hollywood. Well, tonight, you’re going to find out what happens when Argo channels their inner Tom Hanks. This time, the crew of Argo was Cast Away. Students were asked who the one person in the world they would like to have with them should they be stranded on a deserted island. In an attempt not to embarrass anyone, you will not be getting the person-by-person breakdown today. Still, there were a few of the chosen saviors: Morgan Freeman, Poseidon, Bear Grylls, a select few brothers, Jesus, Jennifer Lawrence, and Obama (Jack seemed to think a serious effort would be put into finding him, thus increasing the chance of him being rescued).

I don’t really have anything else to ramble on about for today, so for now: I bid you a very good night.

Until Somewhere,