Location: Underway

Today we enjoyed yet another beautiful day out on passage. As we cruise along the southern coast of Jawa, I can’t help but reminisce about the days when I would come up on deck and look at a 360-degree undisturbed horizon line. What a feeling it has been to know that we were the only people for hundreds of miles, alone yet together in our quest to cross the Indian Ocean. We are now only a couple hundred miles from completing this long and arduous passage, yet a part of me is already getting excited to resume the watch team schedule when we head out to Borneo. Today was calm and pleasant, with light rain in the morning to keep us cool and a nice sunny afternoon to give us a beautiful sunset as we sat down to squeeze. As people were sharing their proudest moments, a pod of dolphins began surfacing off the stern. A young dolphin, only two feet in length, kept jumping out of the water and spinning rapidly before plunging back into the sea. It seemed as though he was learning how to play, and it was a great way to end one of our last days of passage.