Location: Bequia

It is really hot here, but its awesome. Today we had an early breakfast of Mackenzies and Drew’s delicious French toast. Following breakfast, Beaker taught us about sharks – always a favorite. The most of the crew of Ocean Star went ashore and called home, sent emails and had a delicious lunch. Afterwards, Ben, Mac, Jeff, Tina, David, Beaker and I went elkhorn snorkeling. (This is a project in collaboration with NOAA to assess the status of elkhorn coral in the Caribbean. Sadly due to the recent swell from hurricane Omar there was quite a bit of breakage to the colonies). We found a cool sunken tug boat. The current was strong and we were all pretty tired on the dinghy ride back. For showers we all took a “hippoclens” (Hibiclens) shower. For dinner we had a “summer thanksgiving” and a beautiful sunset. Tonight we have a fish and invert identification quiz, followed by an MTE class. A great day in Bequia.