Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Our day began with me delicately trying to shake everyone awake. Everyone was super tired, though, so I had to double back a couple of times to make sure everyone was truly awake. Once everyone was out of bed and ready for the day, we ate a nice breakfast of poached eggs and sausage in a burrito wrap. After breakfast, we got ready for the day’s activities. We had a choice between going sea kayaking and biking around the Island. Matty, Hunter, Devi, Katie, Elle, Peyton, Lucy and I went sea Kayaking along with our instructor Ian McG. Duncan, Kelsay, and Will went biking with Steve. Ian told Kelsay that he had only ever seen one student make it around the bike tour without walking at some point. There is a certain hill that is so steep that most students and instructors walk for a bit. By the way, that former student who made it without walking was a marine. That specific hill was then dubbed Marine Hill by the crew, and the four bikers that took on the challenge were eager to prove that they had the grit to make it without walking. Kelsay and Steve successfully made it up “Marine Hill,” and they are now honorary Marines. On the other hand, the kayakers were having a bit of difficulty on the upwind leg of the paddle. Peyton and Devi lead the group, with Hunter, and Matty following, and Katie and I in the back. Elle and Lucy went back to shore after having an extremely difficult time in the wind. They had a lot of fun chilling on a rock. We had lunch on a shore behind the point we were traveling around and headed back for the downwind leg of our adventure. Katie and I were singing some traditional camp songs and floating down the ocean. We had a really great taxi driver named Hilarena, who gave us flowers and ginger mints for the ride. She also gave us a tour of the island; it was really informative! After our activities, I went to the grocery store with Matty and Ian while everyone else went swimming and showered. We had rice, chicken, and salad for dinner, and after we had our passage prep. Right now, we are getting ready for our upcoming voyage to Grenada.

Tomorrow we leaving!

A note from the trip log master: We will be underway to Grenada for at least two days. During this time, no trip logs will be posted as we will be out of internet range. We still have a satellite phone for communication with the office, but the next logs will be posted when we reach Grenada at the latest Sunday evening.