Location: FL

Well, it’s me. I’m back! Except for this time, I’m writing this from my couch in Miami, Florida, rather than the chart house stool. The couch is much comfier, but I would much rather be on that stool. Well, it has been yet another exciting day of quarantine. As I sit here and think about the 45 days that we spent aboard Ocean Star, it’s nearly impossible to choose just one favorite memory.
Today during squeeze, I was reminded that the last time I was skipper, our breakfast was spent eating bagels in the pouring rain. Though our bagels were soggy and our shorts were wet from sitting on the deck. We were still laughing. We wondered why Argo was anchored so far out and but more importantly, was curious if we would ever be able to meet the crew aboard Argo.
This was the last “formal” breakfast that we had aboard Ocean Star. This breakfast was also before we received the news that we would be heading home. We laughed as the rain poured down on us and our bagels. I remember looking around this morning and being extremely grateful to get to be in that moment with those people. People who would just laugh threw the rain. This is an attitude that I hope to take with me on my future adventures.

Another thing I remember about this morning is looking around and noticing the three empty spaces around the cockpitthe spaces of the people who had left over the past few days. I briefly thought of memories that I had with those crewmates who had gone home. Before jumping into the list of tasks, we had been told we needed to complete for the day, and first was clean up.

Fun Fact- This semester Steve found a light bulb in the engine room
picture 1- zoom from this evening
picture 2 – me attempting to make it look like there is a bird on my toe last night
picture 3 – my fams easter rocks
picture 4 – The fam and I getting ready to dive in the water and find all the easter rocks my mom threw everywhere
picture 5 – me getting out of the water with only one easter rock and accepting my defeat. Also trying to love my dog and her rejecting it