Location: Pigeon Is., Guadeloupe

Today was another amazing day on Ocean Star. After waking everyone up and completing breakfast clean up, it was time for an OCE lecture. After the lecture, Eliza, Kyle, Tor, and I were ready to be the first group to explore Jacques Cousteau’s favorite dive site. This was one of the coolest, most diverse dive sites so far. It felt as if we were swimming through an aquarium. The second dive group was able to see a hawksbill turtle, while the other groups all saw their own amazing species. Lunch was kind of scattered since everyone was diving at different times. Once we had all gone diving and eaten, we finished clean-up and could enjoy the rest of the afternoon on our own. Most of us used the spare time to go to shore for some shopping and internet access. After our shore excursion, it was time to come back for a delicious meal of spaghetti and garlic bread. Tomorrow we will have our passage to Antigua, and we decided over dinner that we want to set sail early in the morning and start with a sunrise sail. That way, we can eventually get to Antigua before sunset so that we can dock during daylight. So now we have some parts of the passage prep to complete, and an MTE lecture before heading to bed for another great sail day tomorrow!