Location: St. Eustatius

James, I’m so glad to have known you. I keep thinking back to the beach barbecue in Antigua when we sang the entire walk back to the boat, Piano Man and Don’t Stop Believing, and a few other timeless classics. And then we snuck off to that bar, just the two of us, and drank some of the best rum punch I’ve ever had. I loved sitting in that bar with you, listening to you complain about biscuits and boat couples. You were the kind of person that I could have a completely unfiltered conversation with because you were so down-to-earth and open-minded. I have nothing but fond memories with you, like our perpetual sous chef to head chef banters in the galley and that time you kicked the saloon bench at me for singing along to Taylor Swift during clean up. I will always remember our self-defense lesson when instead of attacking me, you managed to suffocate me in a bear hug. And that time, we kicked ass figuring out our ETA to from Antigua to Green Island. Thank you for making all of our time here so enjoyable. You have added nothing but laughter and happiness to this trip, and you have greatly influenced us all. We love you.