Location: Pulau Kappas, Malaysia

Today, as our last day in Pulau Kappas, we knew we had to take full advantage of the sunny weather and beautiful scenery. We started off the day on a windward/leeward hike through the jungle. Kevin, Boomer, Tommy, and Ashley were a little ahead of the rest of us and got to see not only a python but a miniature lizard. On the windward side of the island, some of the group resorted to primitive methods of getting fruit down from a tree and throwing rocks at it. However, when that failed, Jim saved the day with his tree-climbing skills and retrieved the fruit. Upon returning, we enjoyed a cake and PB+J lunch, which was preceded by hours of boom swinging and fun for everyone and a few injuries for some (Boomer and Kevin). After dinner, we got some nap time in before setting sail to Tenggol.