Location: Underway to the Azores

Day 8 of passage and tomorrow will mark the crossing of the mid-Atlantic ridge, and a little birdie told me it would be celebrated with a sweet treat. This morning’s 12-4 watch was a little drowsy until we got Sarah on the aux, and she started playing us some bops. We have figured out that when we see a squall coming, and we put on our foulies, the squall magically dissipates. This makes for a couple of long-winded trips up and down the companionway for impromptu outfit changes.

The chefs today really whipped up some incredible meals to fill our bellies. Starting with breakfast for lunch. We had a Spanish omelet, and I think everyone can agree with me that Head Chef Brian and his sous chefs, Avery and Brahm, really hit the nail on the head with that one. Dinner was an even bigger success with rice, beans and kielbasa, and……caramel corn!!!! All in all, a pretty head-on (even though we were sailing a broad reach) day for food.

Oh, and we can’t forget the brave staff for bearing the rain, waves, and wind while we all had class in the warm, dry saloon. Hopefully, we all passed our VHF certification tests with flying colors! After learning all about VHF usage with Smash in seamanship, we finished up our first marine biology unit with Amanda by learning about algae, seagrass, salt marshes, and mangroves. The wind and waves I’m referring to was a big squall that came just at the end of lunch and gave Argo a good rinsing with fresh rain and salty waves. But the water is a killer blue right now, and the evening has mellowed out into a cruisy broad reach. Looking forward to a jibe overnight as the wind clocks around and a fun celebration of mid-ocean ridge-fest tomorrow!

Picture captions:
1. Galley crew working hard to clean up after dinner.
2. An amazing sunrise.

Current position: 38*18.12′ N x 43*36.33′ W