Location: Slipway, Antigua

Hello there,

Sam here, delivering your daily dose of the blog. The day started with some classic tunes – has anyone heard of the “Fleetwood Mac radio” playlist on Spotify? It has some real “bangers,” as people keep saying. Would suggest. We eased into breakfast (a bit of a soft start), but the breakfast sandwiches were delish. Then we rolled right into some paperwork/ dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s – aka, finishing up everyone’s dive logs (well, everyone except Maddie and Caroline – they opted to not do it when everyone else was doing it and instead maybe just sat there? Who knows what they did during that time…). Then we got into everyone’s favorite – MESSY BA. And it was messy. We had a spill in the fridge that Kasey courageously cleaned up, all kinds of mystery sauce left in the condiments bucket (both spilled and not spilled) that Miriam very successfully de-grossed, a greywater bilge that AK and Mackenzie boldly drained, a disastrous baking cabinet that Kelsey so perfectly and completely revamped (seriously, we’re naming the cabinet after her), plus a lot more. Thankfully, we were summoned by Smash’s angelic call of “Grab ALL the spoons,” which we’ve come to know means ICE CREAM PARTY!!! I believe Smash purchased 6 Liters of ice cream, plus two passion fruit bars and a strawberry bar. Though she told the cashier it was all for her and Maddie, she did share with everyone, and we ate it all in probably 8 minutes. What a delight.

Lunch was shortly after, and as it turned out, not many people were very hungry. Nonetheless, we attempted to eat sandwiches – and let me tell you, the lettuce slices were perfectly sized (none of this shredded business). Though we still did have a lot of lettuce, and food in general blow off our plates and onto literally everything else – people’s faces, the drain, a foot, you name it. It was quite windy today – some might even say it was really whistling. And if it’s whistling in here (we’re tucked into a marina and very protected by a bed of mangroves + a very large hill), we know the wind is ripping outside the harbor, which sadly meant no diving. womp womp. However, that did mean that we could have a “choose your own adventure” afternoon! Seems most people chose the adventure of Nelson’s dockyard. A lot of food was eaten, a papaya was bought and carried around like a baby, a surf shop was scoped (only to find out it was closed), and souvenirs were bought. Just so everyone is updated, Arlo – Ellery’s dog – did get an Antiguan flag bandana so that “he can feel like he went to Antigua too.” AND. A perfect, not quite rusty pink but more of an acid wash maroon visor was purchased for me!!! What a win!!! I am very excited, though Smash and Ash agree that I look like a mom in it. But that’s ok. Moms are super cool.

For dins, we had some wonderful burgers (freshly cooked in the muffin trays), accompanied by a beautiful sunset. The sky looked like sherbert. This was followed by a Seamester classic – the black and white photo activity and cards. Both are nice, sentimental, all the feels activities and now everyone is feeling happysad. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Well. I think I’ll stop here. Thanks for tuning in.

Photo Captions:
1: Pretty sunset, though there are some people in the way blocking a bit of the view
2: Kelsey and her beloved – Zac. As in Efron.
3: Chefs cooking in a very hot galley with no windows open
4. It’s Smash and her hose. or is it Brittney and her snake?
6. Nelson’s dockyard. Didn’t see Nelson.
7. Six liters of ice cream gone.