Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

One of the trip’s best views was achieved at the top of a steep hill this morning after a hot and sweaty hike. After battling valiantly through bushes, rocks, and sand, the crew of Argo summited a magnificent rocky overlook that gave us a sweeping view of the bay. After clambering about on the granite, snapping photos, and drinking in the view, we all descended to explore the village in the bay for the remainder of the day. Delicious Thai food and mango shakes were in order for most of us, along with a break from our isolated paradise, to use the free WiFi. We explored the streets of the village, indulging in snacks at the grocery store and, for Morgan and Giulia, Thai massages on the beach. I particularly enjoyed the laughably typo-ed signs that lined the streets, as well as the frequent commuters who had trained their dogs to ride with them on their motorbikes (big dogs, too – I saw a Labrador balanced between the seat and handlebars, hanging on for dear life!). After satisfying our need for shore time, most of us returned to Argo to squeeze in some last-minute studying for our final in Oceanography, which takes place tonight. It seems fitting that as I write this, everyone is rushing through clean-up to get below before a nearby storm catches us. Let’s see who was paying attention to the meteorology section of oceanography and can tell us what the wind is doing! Hopefully, we will all make it to our exam dry, but this crew is no stranger to rain. Either way, it has been a good end to a glorious day of stretching our legs and seeing all there is to see high up on the island. Here’s to another wonderful day tomorrow.