Location: 009°04.68'S 120°25.81'E

Today, the early morning watch woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Breakfast and early morning was exciting because we got to test out all the fun snacks we had bought in Kupang. All the exciting snacks made the 4 am watch pass by much faster. We spent the day enjoying the calm water and listening to good music. We were super lucky and got to see more dolphins playing in the waves this afternoon. After an amazing lunch, we did our jobs and got ready to go to class. At that point, we had traveled about 150 miles from Kupang, giving us an ETA of about 6:00 am in Komodo. Oceanography and marine biology were fun, and it was exciting to get into more of a routine. After class, we took showers and did homework. Dinner consisted of catfish, broccoli, and noodles, which we ate while watching the sunset. After the sun went down, the water was lit up with bioluminescence. The stars are incredible tonight, and everyone is excited to arrive in Komodo and to get in the water.