Location: Kuata, Fiji

Today was an exciting day because we got approval that all crew members were COVID-19 Negative and that we were cleared to go onto land. We took groups to go to a supermarket and get some supplies (the store did not have enough peanut butter for all of us). When we got back to Argo, we dug into all of the snacks and candy that we got at the market, had lunch, then we left for Kuata. Since we left after lunch, we arrived after sunset and got our first glimpse of sailing at night. When we got to Kuata, there was another sailboat there that was clearly scared. They turned on many of their lights and kept shining their spotlight at us as we were trying to anchor. Tim got tired of their spotlight, so he used our spotlight at them… they stopped and turned all of their extra lights off. During dinner, we saw the moonrise over a small hill near our anchorage. Our first taste of being underway after dark was really fun, and we look forward to much more.