Location: West End, BVI

Today in the early morning, Watch Team 3 (watch team of champions) finally sighted the Virgin Islands. We arrived just around breakfast time in West End, Tortola, where we docked and began, once again, cleaning Argo from top to bottom. After Argo was spic and span, the crew and shipmates got to explore the delights of West End, all two pastel-painted blocks of it. Many sampled the famous hot wings at Pussers and got back on the internet after our longest passage at sea. Most importantly, we finally got some laundry done, which was starting to become a desperate situation, with shipmates wearing other people’s clothes as their own ran out. After dinner, we had OC Casey, learning more about zooplankton (woooo!), and then a late-night snack again at Pussers before finishing up our semester-long research projects and going to bed. It was a good day.