Location: en route to Thursday Island

We are currently underway to Thursday Island and have just completed our first day of almost constant sailing. Our shipmates have been divided into three watch teams taking four-hour shifts to watch the ship while underway. Many of us got opportunities to take responsibility for plotting our current position on our navigational charts, checking the engine room, watching the bow, and taking the helm (steering the vessel). These duties continued all night, so shipmates with the late shifts got an opportunity to sleep in. After lunch, we had Oceanography and a special course on how to write a proper scientific paper. The rest of the afternoon was spent studying, being on watch, and sailing. At Argo’s quick pace, we would have arrived at Thursday Island before the sun rose, so to avoid taking the sails down and lowering the anchor at night, we stopped for a few hours during the afternoon. After our nightly squeeze, where we shared our favorite quotes with one another, we all ate and set sail once again. We finished the night with our Student Leadership course and got ready for another night of sailing. Alt vel. Vi ses til Jul!