Location: Ile Fourchue, St. Barths

This morning we awoke to scrambled eggs and toast to start our action-packed day of skydiving, going down in a submarine, hiking a cliff, then hang gliding off of it, and finishing it off an optional tour of Charlies Chocolate Factory or at least that’s what our handsome skipper told us we were doing this morning. But what the Ocean Star crew actually did today was begin the day with OCB, a class on oceanic zones. Then some of us went diving, and some went to shore. The dive was a shallower one and mainly for collecting data for research projects; nonetheless, it was still nice and more relaxed than some dives because of the shallow depth. After our lunch of freshly baked roll sandwiches, we had an OCE class on aquaculture. The afternoon gave us the same options as the morning. Three of us decided to explore an abandoned wreck ashore and hike to the tallest point of the island were anchored off, which made for a beautiful hike. The night finished with another Seamester-perfect sunset, then a delicious dinner followed by an SLD class. Oh, and I guess I should mention that Will and Jacob finished their in-water rescue diver skills and took their written exam.