Location: Antigua

Good morning Ocean Star!!!! It’s day 79… the last day of our trip. It’s been a long time, and I have mixed feelings. I am happy to go home but also sad that I am leaving my second family. So we had normal wake-ups today. Amy, Carolyn, and Amanda cooked us some delicious breakfast: flapjacks (British for baked oatmeal, not pancakes!). Everyone got ready to start our final BA (longest BA ever!!). So we started cleaning our bunks, scrubbing the walls, ceilings, floors, cubbies. We basically cleaned Ocean Star from head to toe.

Some of us cleaned the deck, and according to Carolyn, the deck has never been cleaner. Good job, deck team. For the people down below, we were trying to leave everything as clean as we found it the first day. Others were finishing packing their personal things up for tomorrow. It was 12, and everyone was hangry (hungry + angry). We had some delicious fancy sandwiches. The food was really good, which made the day even better. After lunch cleanup, we were still not done with BA, so we continued with our jobs. At the same time, we went to customs to sign out from the crew list 🙁 Around three, we were finally done with all the things that we needed to do, and we had some free time. We finished writing our letters to everyone on the boat and got ready for our last night out together.

We squeezed and headed to dinner at Flatties, where some of us had a traditional Caribbean fare, including different skewered meats with spicy sauce. It was all really delicious. We then headed to another bar to get some drinks (the wine and pia coladas were so good). We had a lot of fun on our last night together, and at 11:30, we headed back. Thank you, Ocean Star crew and staff. I had so much fun with all of you these past 80 days. I will never forget this trip, and the memories will stay with me forever. I arrived with just my bags, but I am leaving with 17 new friendships.