Location: Cape Town, South Africa

As our last full offshore day on the program, today’s activities were wide-ranging and exciting. There were two separate groups that summited Table Mountain today; the first group summited via the Skeleton Gorge route and traversed across the mountain. The other group, choosing to attempt the mountain later in the day in order to eat breakfast at the world-famous Truth Coffee Roasters, opted to travel via India Venster. The latter being a class four scramble, it was rather dangerous but fun and exciting nonetheless. On the way back down in the cable car, we could spot the boats from the Volvo Ocean race set sail for Melbourne. Another group attended the world rugby series; unfortunately, South Africa lost to New Zealand, but the energy and spirit of the game still made the matches lively and enjoyable to watch. One crewmate, in particular, Jon Luc, had such a fun time at the rugby match that he is currently waving a South African flag up on deck and has detailed his plan for staying in the country indefinitely.

The finality of the program is starting to set in, and the energy the crew has exerted in order to take advantage of these last few days is palpable. To all the parents reading this blog post – As skipper, I must ask you to please take this opportunity to change your children’s flights to a later date. Please remember that according to Maritime law, it is illegal to disobey a skipper’s orders.