Location: Underway to St. Lucia

The day before Thanksgiving is always a time of great preparation. It is a good thing that we often provision weeks in advance here on Argo but unfortunately fresh turkey will not be apart of our equation. While most Americans will be celebrating tomorrows holiday by watching football and thanking the pilgrims for stealing the US from the Indians, us Argonauts will be working as usual. The holiday does however give us the chance to perfect our canned turkey cooking skills and sample one of 11 different pies the girls are making for tomorrow. Our canned turkey predicament is looking as if it may work itself out as Larry Bird continues to be an unruly stow away on board. I guarantee that if he continues to poop on deck and fly into the chart house, he will be de-feathered and ready for dinner tomorrow evening. With our GPS turned off for a few days, Boomer has us checking speed and coordinates the same way the pilgrims did on the Mayflower. I just hope that without any mistakes we can eventually land at a place as beautiful as the United States of America.