Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

Today was information overload, names, numbers, PFD’s, policies, lines, engines, checks, heads, hatches, food, and more were all thrown out for the shipmates to absorb as we started getting orientated to the boat and all she has going on. The comedy break came in the form of Andrew and Maggie having a race to put on an Immersion suit, one being the biggest shipmate, and one being the smallest we thought it only fair to start this mammoth trip off with a David and Goliath competition. It was a fairly close match with Andrew winning in the end, though having had previous experience gave him an edge. Lunch and dinner went smoothly with the chefs getting some good meals up for their new crew, and to end the evening, those who haven’t dove before are getting through their first PADI open water video so we can get in the ocean in Sardinia. Tomorrow is off to Rome early, although recommendations of an early night will probably be ignored as the students get to know each other better, hanging out on the bowsprit netting as the moon comes up.