Location: Peter Island, BVI

Today was the first time waking up on the boat for all of us. The plan was for us to start our journey today. Hence we had to get up a bit earlier than normal to get some stuff done before we left the dock.

I actually woke up a little earlier because of my jetlag, but funnily enough, so did some other eager students. The few of us up already experienced quite a bit of a down-pouring rain and huddled under the main tarp as we got to know each other a little better. Luckily for the not-so-early birds, the rain stopped soon enough. The night before had been crazy with everyone arriving and being super excited to meet the others, so plenty of chatting had already happened.

After getting our BCDs for diving, we had to do a swimming test. It ended up being quite a lot of fun, with even some American football being played in the water during our 10-minute tread. We got ourselves some breakfast, and after having satisfied our rumbling tummies Ian, the captain of the S/Y Ocean Star, taught us all about ropes, PFDs, dropping and weighing the anchor, and the dinghies.

Post early afternoon lessons, we finally left the dock, and everyone seemed super pumped to get their hands dirty and have the ocean breeze blowing knots into their hair our destination: Ocean Star’s hurricane mooring in Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI. Once we got there, the certified divers couldn’t wait to jump into the water and cool off, while the open water class watched some videos about learning how to dive.

After everyone was done with learning or playing around, we got to take a shower. Let me explain this real quick: when we say we showered, what we mean is that you jump in the ocean, get back on the boat and soap up, then jump back in the ocean, get back up to wash your hair, jump in again, etc. then finally end with a freshwater rinse from the deck hose. Everyone absolutely loves it! It’s awesome getting clean while getting to know some of our fishy friends.

Carolyn, Mahlon, and Steph made an absolutely lovely dinner, and the freshly clean crew got to fill their bellies once more. After dinner, we did an activity called the squeeze. Everybody holds hands, and one person (the skipper of the day) asks a question like, “what are you most excited about for this trip?”. Everybody answers and, when finished, squeezes the hand of the person next to them, and he/she then continues this cycle. Overall a lovely end to a lovely day, and I can’t wait for the next lovely 38 days!