Location: North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today we finally woke up to blue skies and sun. After breakfast, we started with class, taking leadership quizzes to learn about our personality “colors” and figuring out how those dynamics can help us work as a group. After class, we took a trip to Omar’s Fusion cafe and had a quick smoothie and coffee break. We then had our first class of Marine Biology! Once lunch was served, we were finally ready to leave Tortola after three unexpected nights in the pouring rain, waiting out the tropical storm at the dock. We started our three-hour passage by learning about emergency drills and practicing with the fire hose. A seamanship class was then taught underway by our captain Carolyn. We learned about the six different sails on the ship the mainsail, fisherman sail, staysail, jib sail, flying jib sail, and foresail. We learned about rigging in hopes to set sail soon. For the remainder of the passage, we got to hang out and have fun listening to Brit play his guitar. After we arrived in the North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI, we ate mini pizzas for dinner while watching the distant lightning storm under the stars.

Pictured: 1. Amy is teaching Jade how to steer. 2. Josh tanning. 3. Carolyn teaching students about the sails. 4. Nate steering. 5. Kaiden and Joseph relaxing. 6. Miranda and Eli 7. Steffen is practicing with the fire hose. 8. Brit is playing his guitar.