Location: Underway

This morning we left Terraganu, Malaysia, which some were sad to leave. We basically had the whole marina to ourselves and we cleaned out the restaurant of bananas and vanilla ice cream; as a crew we consumed over 42 milkshakes/ice cream dishes not including other desserts. One of the shipmates drank 10 milkshakes (don’t worry mom and dad it wasn’t me). It’s hard to say why here of all the places we went wild on the desert menu maybe it was because the exchange rate seemed so much better than it did in Singapore, although I doubt any of us have the real answer to that question. We certainly didn’t need to eat ice cream or drink shakes but it was available and we let the temptation get the best of us (well all of us except some of the staff and one of the students who has renounced all sweets for the remainder of the trip). Despite the massive amount of desserts that were left over in our systems this morning we got Argo ready to go in record time. We left the docks without a hitch and were soon back out on the water in the Gulf of Thailand. In the Gulf of Thailand there is quite a bit of fishing boat traffic and these bundles of palm trees that stick out of the water which are apparently some sort of fishing device. Needless to say it keeps watch interesting. We had some great quesadillas for lunch then had an awesome Oceanography class in which we had to create our own marine organisms and describe their environment, focusing on how they would cope with changes in temperature and salinity. After that PSCT students had their meteorology exam and after classes we officially went back on watch team schedules. We had a nice stir fry for dinner and then went about our normal passage routines of studying, reading, being on watch, or for some sleeping, before it was time for them to take over on watch. Overall it was yet another great day aboard Argo.