Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Today we woke up underneath the beautiful peaks for the last time. We had breakfast and then started passage prep. We set sail in the late morning and went along the St.Lucian coastline up to Rodney Bay. After we arrived at Rodney Bay, we went ashore and had some free time where people shopped around in the local stores or worked on their OCE literature review. We came back on board around 5 for showers and had some delicious curry for dinner. Next up, it was SLD for an opportunity to reflect on the past forty days, where we have been, and how much we have learned. We then spoke about our goals for the next 40 days and how time will soon fly by. After class, we jumped up and deck and awaiting us with the projector and the movie White Squall and, of course, Brownies for all! Overall, it was a pretty beautiful day.