Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Another early morning wake-up to head over to Portsmouth, Dominica, to participate in their national day of community service. While motoring over, we ate an amazing French toast breakfast bake with the beautiful view of dolphins swimming within feet of the boat! Once anchored, we were on our way to the village Thibaud, where we got to meet the US ambassador for the Eastern Caribbean who was visiting as well as the amazing people that we would be working with for the day. We went to the school where we all spread out doing different tasks. Some of us picked trash off the beaches while others painted the school and bridge, and a few helped level out picnic benches. There was hard work being done all day, and throughout the community, there was not a single frown in sight. Once we had all completed our tasks, we made our way upstairs for a delicious lunch of local dishes; we were given salted fish, cucumber salad, and roasted breadfruit. After eating, we thought it was time to say goodbye, but we were then given strawberry ice cream (what a treat!) and continued to talk for a while longer. We then headed back to the Ocean Star, where we had some free time, followed by an amazing chicken noodle soup dinner. Needless to say, it was a pretty amazing day.