Location: Statia

We started the day by getting up early and diving a local wreck. It is a 100m ship, and we went down 100ft deep. Everyone from our group really enjoyed using our new advanced open water certifications to go deep diving. The ship was huge, and many people were itching to take a peek inside. After the dive, we had lunch onshore and then some time to explore. Some people from the group packed lunches and went on a hike to the top of the crater on the island. The other people stayed down in town and explored the old ruins and fort, as well as did some shopping around. At 3 pm, we got picked up and taken back to the boat where we had some study time before showers and dinner. We have both of our finals coming up, as well as our research projects and presentations. You can imagine the study time was much appreciated. We then had shower time; we have been spoiled with being docked so much lately and using the shore heads that jumping in the ocean to shower again felt long overdue. Dinner was made by Penn, Nick, and Dave and was delicious, even if Penn didn’t believe us! After dinner, we are finishing up the night with one of our last oceanography classes! Talk to you tomorrow . . .

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