Location: Fiji to Vanuatu

Today was our fourth day on our passage to Vanuatu. We awoke to a beautiful day with rice krispies overflowing from our cereal bowls. After a night with some sail changes and excitement, we were all eager to start the day. After a brief spell of rain, it cleared and we enjoyed Chef MT’s creations. After cleanup we jumped into Marine Bio, followed by some creepy deep-sea creatures in another Blue Planet video. Most of us enjoyed an invigorating shower up on the bow of the boat, and with some awesome weather, we enjoyed dinner. We are currently about 14 hours away from Vanuatu and we are excited to wake up to a new environment. Watch Team 2 and a few others enjoyed one of the best sunsets thus far, followed by some crazy lightning storms off our port side. That’s all, stay classy San Diego!