Location: Australia and Asia

1) Sam
He was our leader
He was blunt but gave guidance
Perfect for the Job

2) Leah
Leah knows Argo
She cares deeply for its path
Her stories are fun

3) Jack
Has leopard print shorts
Is balanced between being
Rude and oh so kind

4) Tor
She has a good vibe
She made diving so much fun
Is tough when need be

5) Carolyn
She likes dolphins lots
Comes into a room with joy
Passionate for life

6) Laurie
Has a PHD
Very sassy and funny
Knowledgeable girl

7) Zev
Not afraid to talk
His opinions are out there
Solid kiteboarder

8) Charles
Has many stories
Has done Seamester twice now
And a stand-up guy

9) John
Reads all day every day
He knows all of our secrets
Came out of his shell

10) Alex
He is brilliant
Likes to watch Pirates in bed
Bromance with Kyle Hay

11) Sean
Sassy when he talks
Likes to listen to pop songs
On dive team special

12) Corey
He is a monkey
A part of reading/talk club
Combs his hair a lot

13) Alec
Adventurous soul
A foot and 2 inch taller
Makes everyone laugh

14) Max
Has beautiful hair
Very talented surfer
A very fun guy

15) James
He is a weirdo
Has a caring way to him
Eats a lot of food

16) DJ
Once been called Marvin
Most invested in sailing
A feminist guy

17) Kevin
Jumped off the cliff first
Always up for a new challenge
Looked good in girl clothes

18) Sam
Had fun dancing with
Very sarcastic but nice
He is very short

19) Will
Is always ready
For action and a good time
Tells lots of stories

20) Hans
Does the Danish face
Likes to dance to rave music
Always first to joke

21) Grayson
Very persistent
Likes job to get done correctly
Cleans heads perfectly

22) Kyle
Lives with the focsle
Tortures young girls hearts and souls
Truly kind-hearted

23) Annie S.
More vicarious
Has an adventurous heart
Likes to drink coffee

24) Hannah
Afraid of butterflies
And donating her organs
My favorite bug

25) Rachel
Rachel is sweating
Rachel cannot hear your words
Rachel is lovely

26) Isabella (me)
I am real short like
I cannot do a backflip
I swear I won’t cry

27) Allison
Likes to hunt foxes on horse
Is adorable

28) Zoe
Had amazing hair
Shaved it off with each decade
Super stylish

29) Annie H.
Leaves her stuff everywhere
Has an obsession with butts
A super-fun gal

30) Claire
Claire, she likes to snack
Has the face of an angel
Easy to talk to

This trip is something I will take with me in my heart for the rest of my life. I had gained 29 new friends and some new looks in my life and life in general. Thank you, Argo and my shipmates, it has been interesting, but I am better for it. I hope everyone has fun going to new places or going back to school or starting their life off in general. At 17 years old, I was so stressed about my future, thank you for showing me there is no set path. You all inspired me deeply, and I will never forget these stories we have shared.