Location: Dominica

The day started with a surprise rescue scenario for Calli and Miles. They had to go directly from bed into the water to “save Amanda” and were mostly successful. I woke everyone up shortly after without the song I Follow Rivers (Italicize). Mac made avocado toast for breakfast, which we ate before a much-needed study hall. People studied for the Nav master exam, worked on leadership essays, and finished Oceanography projects. It was rainy morning until around lunchtime, which was awesome since we were finally able to jump in and dry off without getting soaked by rain shortly after. For lunch, we had Caribbean Pork stew before splitting into groups and doing our oceanography group presentations. Fifi’s dive group saw two lionfish and a shipwreck. After diving and presentations were done, we finished the day with some death-diving and backflips off of the bowsprit before heading down below to get changed and ready for a wonderful dinner of turkey burgers and potatoes. My squeeze question was, if you somehow obtained an entire planet, what would you name it? Mac’s answer was most definitely the crowd favorite, which was “Meatloaf.” Cleanup was exciting, with the fish around the boat going crazy, including Jack `Crevalles and a massive garfish jumping into the dinghy, which Anna quickly got back into the water. To fully close the day, we ended with some oceanography jeopardy and a final quiz to review for the final exam.