Location: Mountain Point, British Virgin Islands

Our day started off with a quick breakfast of cereal and moved into our first marine bio class. We then were allowed to go on our turtle tagging adventure. We began by strapping ropes to the dinghies, putting on our snorkel gear and holding on for dear life. As we zoomed around Mt. Point we saw a lot of marine life but it didn’t seem like we would see any turtles. After a full circle we began to head back. Cold and disappointed we lazily drifted behind the dinghy. As we approached Ocean Star we saw the other group was sporadic and excited. They saw a large green turtle (uncommon in the region). As we began our pursuit two more turtles came into view. Knowing that we had to choose we chose the larger of the three. After about fifteen minutes the turtle stopped moving at the bottom in at least sixty feet of water and stayed there. After waiting for a bit we decided to drop the small dinghy anchor to encourage the turtle to move. It worked and she began to crawl toward the shallows. At about forty feet, Reese dove and grabbed her. Unfortunately she beat him against a rock and she bolted out of range. After this pre-lunch adventure we ate lunch and the crew broke up into the two groups (open water and advanced). We ended the day with spectacular dinner of Shephard’s Pie and a colorful fish slide show complete with blennies galore.