Location: Port-Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

Today we woke up in a beautiful anchorage in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Just like one of the previous days where I was democratically elected as the glorious leader of this vessel, I had the privilege to wake everyone up. My choice of wakeup method was a one-man a capella performance of The Lonely Islands Im on a Boat (feat. T-Pain), which I happily sang twice in a row. The entire boat woke up with high spirits and good morale, thanks to my soprano skills.

Once again, we cleaned Argo in preparation for our activities in Vanuatu. Due to my incomparable leadership capabilities, we went to town on the ship and cleaned it as if we were cleaning our own operating room. Under my visionary guidance, the decks were soaped and scrubbed by a group of about eight staff and students. Down below, the efforts were just as powerful and effective. Consequently, we finished rather quickly, given the scope of cleanliness that we set as our goal.

After lunch, we had a seamanship lesson, where we worked on navigating sea vessels by utilizing charts. Charts, as many know, are very different from maps, as they include drastically different information. A lesser-known fact is that our seamanship instructor, Tim, hates it when people mistakenly call them maps when they are, in fact, charts. Obviously, we call them maps whenever we have the opportunity, to the point where we now refer to it as MAP CLASS, a monument to our voluntary stupidity.

After our lesson, we were marooned on the shores of this unexplored land. (Editors note: the students were not marooned, and the land is not unexplored. They just love the boat that much). After bushwhacking for hours in the sweltering sun covered with mosquitoes (Editors note part 2: This is also a blatant lie, the town is actually very welcoming and comfortable), we managed to find a phone store where we were able to buy a SIM card and call for help (Editors note part 3: The students were never in danger. Once again the writer of this blog is being dramatic, why would there ever be a phone store in the middle of a dense, unexplored jungle?).

Once we were rescued, we went to a lovely restaurant on one of the docks (Editors note part 4: For some reason, hes happy about his shore time now, I am not sure why, but at least the content indicates what the great feel of the town is actually like). We all collectively had a delicious dinner with staff and students. After our sign-out, we went out to explore the local nightlife! Our destination ended up being a local bar that does karaoke on Thursdays, so all of our singing abilities were thoroughly challenged. We came back to the ship before midnight, where we quickly fell asleep after having a very long and very fun day.


Pictured: Anastacia, Kari, and Emily in front of the sunset; Kari and Garrison enjoying being marooned aka shore time; Frank and Anastacia; Ian and Frank; Sam, Garrison, Danny, and Anastacia; Henry, Sam, and Danny.