Location: West End, BVI

It was Day 1 today, of our forty-day program here in the Caribbean. We dressed up Ocean Star with some nice matching sheets for her bunks and a final mopping, to really make her sparkle, this morning before eagerly awaiting our new crew of students. Harper was the first to arrive this morning, bags in hand, ready for a pre-college summer experience. Next came Keenan with his family by his side, ready to meet Ocean Star as well. Its always fun to show off Ocean Star to new crewmembers and family. Her classic style is something many people havent had the opportunity to sail with before. While Harper is joining us before he starts college, Keenan is excited for an end of college learning experience outside the traditional classroom. Some crewmembers were lucky enough to find each other at the airport or the ferry on their way here. New friendships could be seen forming already! After bags were unpacked and everyone checked in with our Program Manager Marina, some people found time to explore West End before dinner, while others helped stock the galley with fresh fruits and veggies. We went over a few little policies this evening just to get everyone settled in a bit for the night. Boat life has a few unique features like we dont eat down below to keep Ocean Star clean, and our heads dont quite work the same as yours at home! Everyones energy was high, talking about all of the events ahead on our schedule. Now people are relaxing, playing a little Mancala and listening to music while the rain patters on the deck above.

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