Location: On the Water

Hey hey! Today started off with a little bit of a later breakfast (late being 8:00 – oops!) of cinnamon rolls and sausages made by Emy; SO SO good! Somehow Maya, Amelia, Anna, Wilks, and I were all out of bed on time instead of 2 minutes before breakfast, so we hung out in the Salon and talked about how weird it was that none of us knew each other before this trip. That we would have never even known that each other existed. Weird. After breakfast, my friends and I laid in the bow sprit, swam, and tried to huck some backies. Emphasis on the tried.
In the morning, half of us did our navigation dive while the others did EFR secondary care, and then in the afternoon, we switched. My group dove first and while Maya and I were waiting for everyone else to set up our kits, we lay on the deck and read our books. I finished my book finally, which I can say was probably the first book I have actually finished reading in years. During our navigation dive, we had to use our compass to swim in a square 100ft each way. While I was leading Maya and me underwater, we may have gotten a little lost and were worried we couldn’t find the boat. Turns out that Sam had just moved to be next to Matt needed. They had been down for 60 minutes waiting for all of us to complete our course. Oops. Don’t worry. Maya and I passed, and we were not lost. We dove off the boat and saw some pretty corals and fish. One group of divers is going on a night dive while I am writing this blog! It’s going to be so cool.
After diving, we swam some more before a delicious lunch of veggies, hummus, naan, and melon. We then had EFR (emergency first responder) class. It’s not really a class, but I don’t know what else to call it. We practiced secondary care and got to bandage each other up. Maya got splinted with a broom by Calum while he was teaching us in his African accent. It was a very funny yet very informative class. Most of the chefs were diving when it was time to start cooking, so Zoe, Isabel, Jimmy, and I cheffed up some grilled cheeses and tomato soup. We listened to some Elton John and Billy Joel. It was fun, but it was so hot, so after, Amelia and I jumped in the water. It is now almost dinner, and the night divers are getting ready to dive.
This is my last time writing the blog, so bye!!!