Location: Pulau Kappas

After a quick breakfast, we waved goodbye to the picturesque Pulau Tenggol. At last, we had the wind aft of the beam as we headed North-East towards Terengganu. The breeze picked up, and we had a cracking sail as Argo topped 9.5 knots. Oceanography and Nautical Science classes were held on deck during the sail. Shortly after lunch, the wind started to die away. This left us doing 4 knots as we approached Pulau Kappas. Boomer summoned a quick vote, and our destination was changed from Terengganu to Pulau Kappas. The crew spent the afternoon swimming in Kappas gin-clear waters and playing volleyball with the locals. We still had Mexican night to look forward to. And Boomer definitely lived up to his billing as king of Mexican.