Location: Underway to Gran Canaria

Hello! Today may or may not have started with me forgetting that I was skipper and Amelia having to wake me up to tell me to wake everyone else up, but that’s irrelevant. Watch last night was lots of fun from 4-8 am with our special guests Maya and Sam (we miss you lots, Ash). Maya is now on hour 40 with no sleep – don’t worry, Maya’s parents. She says it was the soy sauce last night that kept her awake, and I will make sure she sleeps tonight. She is now looking over my shoulder reading this, and she says heyyyyy and that she misses you <3. We saw a beautiful sunrise this morning, and then I promptly went back to sleep. Breakfast/Lunch was hummus, veggies, and naan, sooo good!

We had oceanography, where we learned about wind patterns and weather, very cool. Then Allie and Matt attempted to review some nav master with us. I say attempted because Max, Skyler, Matt, and I could not stop laughing. Nav definitely needs some work, and I can confidently say I will not be one of the people taking the test early, but we’re getting there. Between classes, Maya and I were on deck and saw so many dolphins jumping out of the water next to Vela off the port side. That will never get old. Watch team 2 had the 2-6 watch where I “forced” everyone to have a spa day, and it became everyone’s appreciation even tho we bullied Joel that his nail polish made him look too much like a diva. We painted everyone’s nails pink, but Amelia had already chipped hers, SMH. Dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup, again, so good. Thanks, Emy! We were sailing all last night and through most of today, which has been so nice to have the engine off. We are getting so close to the Canaries (I think that’s how you spell it) and will hopefully get there tomorrow for lunch! I have a habit of losing my phone any time I bring it out of my cabin or even when it’s in my cabin, so I made everyone else take photos today, but I’m going to caption them, so they make sense.

p.s. Matt is standing next to me, hiccuping, and I think that he is exaggerating it because no one hiccups like that, and he sounds like a really scary bird. It’s still going on, and he won’t stop. Please send help.

photo 1: Joel, Amelia, and I being the only ones still up and seeing if Amelia could airplane Joel. (I actually took this photo)

photo 2: Matt helming

photo 3: selfie with the dishie pit!

I think they might be out of order, but

Love and miss you mom, dad, Kiley, Zoe, and everyone else reading at home <3