Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, like the 4 so far before it, was a great day. We started the morning out going over the major Oceanography assignments we’ll be working on for the rest of the semester, choosing our literature review topics and beginning to think about what we might like to do for our group research projects. After lunch, we went over safety procedures and completed some drills so that the crew of our beloved Ocean Star will be prepared for any emergency that we may encounter. As we set the sails to travel from Savannah Bay to Mountain Point, we practiced the protocol for fire and man overboard, both of which went smoothly. Once we arrived and tucked the sails neatly away, we went for an awesome snorkeling expedition, swimming around some nearby coastal caves. There were schools of hundreds of little silver minnows which nervously swarmed all around us, filling the water with glints of silver sparkles. It was certainly an experience to behold. Feeling refreshed from the swim, we came back to the boat to enjoy a delicious meal of veggie burgers, salad, mashed potatoes, and beans. Now we’ll prepare for a slide show of fishes before hitting the hay until tomorrow’s new adventure. PS Hi moj!