Location: Underway

Today was a fantastic day! I was woken up in the middle of the night for my 2-5am watch with Kelli, Victoria, Chris, Zeppelin, Ezra, Mitchell and our two watch team leaders Becca and Kris. When watch was over I went back to sleep until a little bit before lunch and was taken away by how great the chicken Caeser salad wraps were that the chefs had prepared. Right after lunch was clean up followed by PSCT, an SLD presentation by J.P. about the future of computers and after that a great MTE class. In MTE we are finishing up our last couple classes before the final exam by reviewing and slaving over tons and tons of chart work problems, which aren’t as easy as they seem! After MTE was shower time, which was actually pretty warm for the first time in a while, and a warm shower can always boost the moral of a group! The day was finished up with an amazing dinner of pepperoni chicken while watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean. Shout out to my friends and family back at home (or Italy) see ya in about a month!