Location: Underway to St. Lucia

With the smell of French toast wafting through the galley, we began the day that we’ve all been waiting for. Everything was relaxed at the start, with some shore time during which there was last-minute provisioning for the boat, as well as for our own food stocks. Promptly at 10:45, however, we began passage prep for our Atlantic crossing. There was a definite sense of confidence and satisfaction as we got everything done the fastest we have yet and were able to set off just in time for lunch, which was an awesome burrito buffet. After lunch was class, as usual, during which we learned about marine mammals, specifically the Ballad of the Oosik. Because of our watch team switch up, we had a re-learning of what each watch team would be in charge of in case of an emergency accompanied by a raising of the forward staysail, the main staysail, and the mainsail. At three o’clock, the watch team shifts began with Boomer reminding us that they would continue for over two weeks, a realization that got many of us thinking about how long this passage will be, but also about how fast it will likely go by. Our dinner began with a rousing round of Happy Birthday for our now twenty-year-old Cody, followed by the squeeze question of what one’s most and least favorite words are. This ended up being less innocuous than expected, with intense debate over some people’s least favorites, notably: moist, crusty, and yummy. Watch teams continued after dinner, and now we all get to fall into the rhythm for what will likely be one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.