Location: Gibraltar

The day started early for our hike up the rock of Gibraltar. Wake-ups weren’t easy after a late night out, but the prospect of monkey sightings helped. The hike began with a steep walk through town, and our arrival at the gates of the park felt somewhat lucky after Griffin’s navigation. We stopped for ice cream almost immediately after beginning our hike. Since living on a boat has given all of us the cravings of unsupervised nine-year-olds, this stop lasted much longer than it should have but was effective in keeping everyone’s spirits afloat. Our first monkey encounter came as we approached the top of the rock, where we witnessed a monkey robbing a helpless young couple of their backpack and snacks. We were all laughing too hard to help, except for Nazz, who was advising the victims to “establish dominance!” When we arrived at the top, we broke off into smaller groups to explore the rest of the rock, eat lunch, and play with some monkeys. The rest of our day was unstructured. Some of us decided to go to the beach while others spent time going to the grocery store or just walking around Gibraltar. After meeting back at the boat at 7 pm, we were free to get dinner and drinks off the boat. By the time we returned, most of us were about ready for some sleep after a long day.

We all enjoyed our couple of days in Gibraltar, but we’re also excited to get underway to Villefranche tomorrow morning. The time has flown by, and It’s hard for us to believe that we’ve now spent a month together. Hopefully, the realization that the end of our voyage is in sight will help us appreciate even more the remaining time we have aboard Argo.

– Dylan

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