Location: Roseau, Dominica

This morning was an early one. With a quick breakfast at 7am, the group was on shore and ready for the Sea Cat tour around the island. Everyone piled in the vans, and began a tour of the island learning about its history and agriculture; all the while eating mass quantities of fruit, sugarcane, grapefruit, bananas, mangoes, passion fruit the works. Included was making chocolate from cocoa beans clearly we have rough lives. We visited Emerald Falls, an absolutely beautiful waterfall, and went to enjoy the opening parade of Carnival, where street performers were as colorful as the scenery around us. Still sore from the hike yesterday everyone breathed a silent small sigh of relief in getting to ride in a car. But with Sea Cat zooming around the island, honking at everyone he knows, the groups most amusing point was watching him scurry into the jungles and up the trees to cut down mass quantities of fruit for everyone to enjoy. The resulting sugar high and piqued interest turned everyone into monkey-like tree climbers, turning below decks on Argo into a fruit container ship. It was a fantastic, delicious-food filled day.