Location: Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

It was a beautiful morning in the lovely Ko Yai area. French toast is a good way to start the day. A little before 9, we got underway to Phi Phi Don. After a rousing six-hour motor to the beautiful place, we all eagerly listened to Boomer as he enthusiastically explained what to do in emergencies and during the passage. Then it was to the dreaded Monkey Beach. The staff told us tales of this place, but we naively laughed at such nonsense. Little did we know what they said was the truth! After the bread was spent, the monkeys got angry. Alone and an innocent bystander I was, with my back turned, they attacked! When the dust settled, I saw my wound. A bruise and a few scrapes. After such a struggle, I was on alert. Little did I know that more dangers were lurking below. Harassed and dejected by the monkeys, we took turns being driven back to Argo via dinghy. And yet!

I did not suspect when I stepped down to be impacted with what can only be described as putting one’s foot and weight down on thousands of hypodermic needles. Sea urchins! Up went my arms and my throat reverberated with a yelp for help. As I floated back to the dinghy, my body was being scraped by harsh rocks along the way. Chris, too, was assaulted by the seafloor faring menace. I cried but a bit, I’m proud to say. He, not at all. Everyone was very kind about my monkey bite and our urchin stings. After a good squeeze and an equally good dinner, we cleaned. Then I went off to get the first of five rabies shots just in case. Needless to say, I have a personal vendetta against these monkeys on this, of all, Monkey Islands.

Faithfully yours, Abby.

p.s. Abby is fine and wants everyone to know that she had a good laugh writing her log.