Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

Today was nearly non-stop traveling. We picked up anchor at about 6:45 and headed out before everyone was even awakecereal on a-rockin’ and rollin’ boat in the morning and clouds all around. The weather was all clear up until we started our dives. Lucky for the divers who missed the squall Lunch on the way to Marina Cay was a gourmet bowl of pasta and vegetables with some balsamic vinegar. Everyone was in high spirits today. Cheeseburgers were on the way. Coming into Marina Cay, there were high mountains on both sides as we carefully navigated our way through the cut. Pusser’s red roof and an empty restaurant could be seen ahead. It was pretty cool to anchor next to a resort with no one around. We had a huge covered porch on the beach all to ourselves for our classes today. Back on the boat, we had shower time jumping into a slow, steady current to rinse off and swim. We were off motoring again, headed to West End, where it all began.