Location: Underway to Azores

We started off day 5 of our passage with freshly baked bread and a beautiful sunrise to lift all our spirits. The seas have been calm, and the weather has luckily held off, but without the wind, sailing has slowed down a bit. Fortunately, this has allowed for much-needed downtime. For class today, we all watched White Squall, which was super fun to see an interpretation of life on a sailboat. The weather for today and the upcoming days is predicted to have nothing in common with the film that is freshly in our minds. The lack of wind calls for more motoring, which may not be the fastest, but it is very relaxing to have a more stable boat. Tori and Devon made the most delicious taco dinner that allowed everyone to fuel up for their night watches or a good night’s sleep. With ten more estimated days till the Azores, excitement is high, but we all continue to appreciate the simple pleasures of being at sea.