Location: Statia

This morning we had a beautiful sunrise to wake us up for a delicious frittata made by Joseph. It was absolutely incredible, and I would be cool eating it every morning. After breakfast, we packed lunches into our reusable Tupperware and prepared our day packs. We then got ready to go on our mountain hike, but first… we can’t forget.. marine biology! We learned about marine conservation with Amy, and we even played a sweet and tasty game to teach us about marine protected areas. After marine biology, we continued working on our EFR certification by practicing log rolls and recovery positions with Amy and Amanda. Packed up and ready to go, we took the dinghies to shore, hopped out, and hiked up Mt Quill. It is a really cool and unique old volcano with a very distinct crater in the middle. It was quite a scenic tour hiking up.

You get to walk a bit through town to get to the trailhead, and then there are gentle switchbacks through the shaded woods to get to the top. Once we reached the top, we took it all in. Matthew, Amanda, Eli, and Kennedy all spent some time at the panorama overlook, which was stunning to see. You could look way down into the deep crater in the middle. Amy, Steffen, Nate, Joseph, and Brit all went around the rim to the Mazinga overlook. From there, they could see not only the crater but also the ocean on the other side of the island. We had to hurry back down (some walking, some running, some practicing their parkour skills) so that we could get some time ashore to buy groceries and food before the NavMaster practice exam for the next small group.

Straight after that, we ate a fantastic dinner of coconut curry chicken with roasted potatoes. My squeeze question was: If you were to add a class to Seamester, what would it be? Some answers… Yoga, Engineering, Religions-Spirituality, plant identification, identifying birds, social geography, language, history, and culture of the islands, and astronomy. We then cleaned up, passage prepped for our hop to Saba tomorrow, and the last of the students took their NavMaster practice exams. Finally, for the evening, Nate, Joseph, Matthew, and I spent some time preparing to lead our next student-led passage tomorrow. We are excited we got elected and can’t wait to lead us safely to Saba!

Pictured: Views from Mazinga and Panorama on the Mt. Quill hike.