Location: Saba

Saba has been described as our last island of the trip. Though we still have seven days back in the BVIs, Saba is the final stop before we go back to where we started this incredible adventure. We awoke at 6:30 a.m. in time for a quick breakfast and an hour of preparation for our hike on Saba up Mt Scenery. It was a wet landing onto the dark volcanic sand, and smooth round-shaped rocks scattered the beach at the base of the ladder. This was the same landing that visiting vessels made many years ago. The ladder was the first leg of the hike. These are man-made steps that climbed the cliffs past the old customs house up to the town called “The Bottom.” It was the hardest hike I have ever undertaken. A select few individuals summited within or just under 1 hour. For the rest of us, the hike was a little more leisurely. We then had time to explore the town of Windwardside, eat some much-needed lunch, and check out Jo Beans glass blowing studio. Once back aboard by 15:00, we prepared the boat for our final sail back to the BVI. We dined early, raised the sails with the sunset, and sailed off the mooring. It was an amazing day, quite possibly my favorite of the trip.