Location: Pitons, St. Lucia

Today was a wonderful adventure. We had a yummy breakfast and packed our lunches for our excursion. We started our day at the mud baths near the drive-through volcano. We sat in the hot springs and then covered our bodies with grayish mud that was filled with minerals. The mud also exfoliated our skin. The mud dried, and then we painted designs on ourselves and others with darker mud. After, we washed the mud off in the hot springs and took a freshwater shower to rinse off the rest. It was a fun experience, and my skin felt so soft afterward. Then we ventured to the volcano, which was really neat. It smelled of sulfur, and there was water boiling and spurting. Our guide gave us information about the volcano as we walked, and it was interesting to learn about it. We left the volcano and went to the botanical gardens which were beautiful. For lunch, we stopped by a local restaurant, where we ate amazing food. Then, we went to another hot spring on our way back to the boat. There was a waterfall, and it was amazing and serene. We chilled on the beach for a little while and then headed back to the boat. Our day was pretty wonderful.