Location: Fiji

Our first day outside of Suva! We awoke to more familiar sights and sounds for the crew of Argo, a small island in a sheltered bay, the noise and bustle of Suva far behind us. We took the morning to do a Marine Biology lab – diving in the mangroves off the island and doing a scavenger hunt. While the mangroves were fascinating, the water was freezing, making most of us bolt for the boat as soon as possible. Then those of us going for Rescue diver met to review the first three knowledge reviews so we could start training as soon as possible. After lunch, we all got ready to go meet with the local chief to ask permission to anchor where we were. Naturally, over an hour later, our ride hadn’t arrived, so we abandoned that plan and instead began our Rescue Diver training. We managed to tow Monica and Chris several times, and by the end, Chris was exhausted and full of pizza (that being the code word for help). We finished off our day with dinner and MTE class, where we watched an awesome movie about surfers.