Location: underway

How to paint this picture? First: lots of sun. Second: flat seas. Third: grinning, tan-looking sailors. Fourth and final: our beautiful boat Argo. Now keep that mental image n mind and add dolphins, a big green sea turtle, and crabs swimming in the open ocean as far as the naked eye can see. Then imagine a horizon that blends together ocean and sky, creating an effect where one is not distinguished from the other. Then to top off one of the most beautiful days on this trip, we had a sunset that fell off our port side. That was by far the most exuberant one we have had on this trip. To sum it up for everybody back at home, we just had one of the most amazing and beautiful days on this trip yet. Now we will head into the night with enough bioluminescence to make Argo’s hull glow like a neon light. We also had our second open ocean/blue water swim today and no sharks. And a quote for all of our loved ones back home by Chris: today is the best day of our trip so far.