Location: Saba

This morning started with a wakeup call of “GOOD MORNING NEVERLAND” while “Right Where It Belongs” by nine inch nails played in the background. After a hearty bagel and cream cheese breakfast we set sails in a record 8 minutes and headed for Saba. The seas pushed us around as we sailed downwind and steering was rather difficult. Still we cruised between 6-8 knots for the 15 mile passage. There was one strike on the fishing rod but we didn’t hook up. And later a large pod of dolphins passed off our stern. We now sit at the bottom of The Ladder, which is about a thousand steps staircase that at one time was the only way on and off the island. After a mini BA we had our MTE class review. This really started a lot of us thinking about how close to the end we really are. Most people worked on practice funs before dinner in preparation for our Nav Master exam. Shower time was short because most people were weary of the large barracuda that has been hanging around, and the box jelly that swam by earlier. After a delicious Sloppy Joe dinner we had an OCE quiz that was followed by Casey’s slide show from Antarctica. In these last few days most of us are starting to wish that time would stand still and we could stay here forever. So from here in Neverland I say goodnight.