Location: Hulhumale, Maldives

Everyone woke up to the familiar sites of the Maldives for the last time. During breakfast the crew was informed that our original course had been changed. Although there was disappointment at first we soon realized the exciting new path that was set for us. This new course will be a very rewarding one because it will be the second longest passage Argo has under taken and we will also be crossing the equator twice. Today was also an exciting yet hectic day. Congratulations to the newly christened Advanced Open Water divers for reaching 100 feet and completing their final dive. Provisioning for the long passage was quite a feat between running around Male and cleaning out any market we set foot in. The night ended with dinghy runs to the ferry picking up the rest of the food and loading it in their respected places. Everyone enjoyed their day and will also cherish their last anchor watch for a long time.